Cell Phone Tickets in NY


Cell Phone Tickets in NY


Vehicle and Traffic: Understanding Cell Phone Tickets Under NYS VTL 1225c

Navigating the complexities of NYS VTL 1225c, which pertains to the use of mobile phones while driving in New York, is crucial for drivers. This law helps avoid penalties and ensures safety on the roads. Dive deep into this regulation with MJA Law, specialists in Traffic and Criminal Law. More on NYS VTL 1225c here.

NYS VTL 1225c Key Definitions

  • Mobile Telephone: A device subscribers use to access wireless telephone service.
  • Using: Holding a mobile phone close to the ear, dialing, or answering by pressing multiple buttons. For commercial drivers, it also includes reaching for the phone in a way that alters their seated driving position.
  • Hand-held Mobile Telephone: A mobile phone requiring at least one hand for making or receiving a call.
  • Engage in a Call: Talking or listening using a hand-held mobile phone, but not merely holding the phone to activate or deactivate a function.
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle: As the transportation law defines, usually referring to vehicles transporting goods or passengers for commercial reasons.

Understanding NYS VTL 1225c Regulations

According to NYS VTL 1225c:

“No person shall operate a motor vehicle upon a public highway while using a mobile phone to engage in a call while the vehicle is in motion…”

If authorities catch you using a hand-held mobile phone while driving, penalties await you. If a driver holds a mobile phone near their ear while driving, the presumption is they are engaging in a call. However, evidence showing the driver wasn’t making a call can counter this presumption.

Exceptions to NYS VTL 1225c

  • Using a mobile phone only for emergency communication with response operators, hospitals, ambulance services, fire departments, or police.
  • Police officers, peace officers, fire department members, or operators of authorized emergency vehicles while performing their official duties.
  • Using a hands-free mobile device that doesn’t need hands for dialing or speaking.

Penalties Under NYS VTL 1225c

If you violate NYS VTL 1225c, you face the following penalties:

  • First violation: A fine between $50 and $200.
  • Second violation (within 18 months): A fine between $50 and $250.
  • Third or subsequent violations (within 18 months): A fine between $50 and $450.

Being familiar with NYS VTL 1225c is a must for every New York driver. This law promotes safety and shields drivers from legal troubles. However, traffic law can be intricate, especially when penalties can impact your driving record and insurance costs.

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